Utilizing vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to streamline a vR Ops upgrade

In a previous post I walked  through installing  the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager(vRSLCM) solution and importing existing vRealize components.  For this post I’ll show you how to use vRSLCM to upgrade vRealize components, specifically vRealize Operations.

vRSLCM streamlines the upgrade process, simplifying the download and application of product updates. (e.g. in a typical vR Ops upgrade you have to upload and apply the OS and application updates separately.  vRSLCM handles this for you). Making it easier for you to leverage new features and capabilities.  I’m upgrading one solution in this example, but vRSLCM becomes even more valuable when utilizing it to upgrade the entire suite.

I already have vRSLCM configured with a My VMware account(with entitlement to download vRealize Suite), and downloaded the latest product OVA’s.  (For anyone like me who grew up watching Blue Peter, insert “here’s one I made earlier” reference here) For details on how to do this, see the  Configure Product OVA Settings section of the official documentation. So lets login to vRSLCM and start the upgrade!

  1. Open a browser and connect to https://<vRSLCM FQDN>/vrlcm
  2. Login, in my case as admin@localhost
  3. In my case I’m presented with the environment I have already imported.


  4. Clicking on View Details, I can see the versions of the products.


  5. Lets upgrade vRealize Operations to 6.6.1. Click on the 3 dots, then Upgrade


  6. In the resulting window, click the radio button next to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Repository, then Upgrade. You should see the message Upgrade request was submitted successfully. Click Close


  7. To monitor progress, click the Request icon on the left (4 horizontal bars) and then the InProgress button


  8. Monitor the progress


  9. You can click the circles and numbers to get information for each stage of the process



  10. Once the upgrade is completed you should see the following(note the upgrade may take some time in your environment)


  11. As with any upgrade, be sure to login to vRealize Operations afterwards to verify application functionally and version within the UI. Voila!



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