Solved – VCSA Management Interface Does Not Display Performance Data

One of my TAM customers contacted me recently, about an issue they were seeing in their environment(VCSA running 6.5 Update1 with the latest patches)

When trying to view VCSA CPU, Memory and Database performance information via the Appliance Management Interface, no data was being displayed.  Checking my lab I was also experiencing the same issue, see screenshots.



If you haven’t utilized the VCSA Management Interface,  Brian Graf has a nice overview here

Was able to resolve the issue in my lab, and these steps also worked for the customer. I didn’t see anything online abut this issue, so put together this quick post in case other folks in the vCommunity run into this.  I hope this solves the issue for you.

  1. Login to the vSphere Web Client
  2. Click the Home icon and select Home
  3. Under the Administration section, click Systems Configuration


  4. Select Services, and scroll down until you see VMware Appliance Monitoring Service (vCenter FQDN) and click it


  5. In mine and the customers case, reviewing details in the summary pane I could see the service was in a Stopped state.


  6. Click on Actions, then Start.


  7. Also click on Actions, Edit Startup Type and verify that the service startup type is set to  to start Automatic


  8. After starting the service I was able to login to the VCSA Appliance Management Interface I was now able to see data in the UI!






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