vRealize Lifecycle Manager – Marketplace Walkthrough

In this post, I’m going to walkthrough the new in product marketplace feature, that was added in vRSLCM v1.1.  v1.2 is now GA, and I’m using that version for this walkthrough.

If your new to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager(vRSLCM),  check out my previous posts

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Step by Step How to Install & Import Existing Environment

Utilizing vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to streamline a vR Ops upgrade

You will need to have imported or deployed a vR Ops Instance with vRSLCM in order to follow these steps.

The in product marketplace simplifies locating, downloading and installing additional content for vRealize Solutions.  I’m going to utilize the marketplace to install the SDDC Management Health Solution for vRealize Operations.

In order to utilize the in-product marketplace, you will need to enter your MyVMware credentials and have the necessary entitlements. See here .

Also,  if you already have v1.0 installed you will need to upgrade to v1.1 or 1.2.  Upgrade details here

  1. Open a browser and connect to https://<vRSLCM FQDN>/vrlcm
  2. Login, in my case as admin@localhost
  3. Click on the Marketplace Icon


  4. Ensure vRSLCM has internet access directly, or via a proxy.  To configure a proxy,  click Settings, Proxy and enter the appropriate details for your environment
  5. At this point you should see market place content displayed


  6. We can browse, add filters, or search.  I’m going to add a filter for vRealize Operations Manager, and then search for SDDC


  7. The management pack I’m looking for is the SDDC Management Health Solution.  If you click on the Information icon,  you can see which version of the appropriate product are supported.

    If you try and deploy to an unsupported version vRSLCM will flag this and prevent you from doing so. Saving you the step of  having to go out the the Interoperability Matrix and checking compatibility manually!


  8. Click Download, and the management pack will be downloaded to the vRSLCM appliance ready to be deployed.  Verify download is successfulvRSLCM-5
  9. Now click on Download, the one under Marketplace


  10. Click the 3 dots in the top right of the management pack, and select Install


  11. From the drop down menus, select the relevant Datacenter & Environment then click Install


  12. You will see the following message, click the here hyperlink to check status


  13. From here you can monitor progress through the various stages until complete. At any time you can click on one of the circles to view more information.


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