Solved – Problem registering vCenter & NSX with HCX

I was in the process of installing HCX in my lab, and ran into an issue connecting my vCenter Server and NSX environment.

While trying to connect,  received the following error “PKIX path building failed: Unable to find certificate chain


Couldn’t find a solution online, so thought I’d publish a quick blog post detailing how to resolve this issue.

Basically, just need to add vCenter & NSX certificates to the HCX Trusted CA Certificate Store

  1. Within the HCX Manager appliance administration UI (https://<hcx-manager-fqdn&gt;:9443 click Administration, Certificate, Trusted CA Certificate, Import
  2. Select URL, and enter the URL for your vCenter Server and click Apply


  3. Repeat this step to for the NSX Manager
  4. Validate you get the message “Successfully imported CA certificate” and that you see an certificates for vCenter Server & NSX


  5. You should now be able to successfully connect HCX to vCenter Server & NSX, and continue with the installation process


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