VMworld 2020 – Top 10 Networking & Security Sessions

VM2020 is right around the corner, and this years event is free!
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There is so much amazing content, that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here is my list of 10 recommended Networking & Security related sessions to check out! You can view the entire Virtual Cloud Network track here

These sessions are in no particular order.

  1. The Future of Networking with VMware NSX [VCNC1555]
    In this session, we will look into the future to see why networking will be the enabling force behind many breakthrough innovations, from next-generation applications to the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. To better understand the future of networking, we will explore the progression of networking as it has become increasingly software based. Network virtualization has become a key enabler of modern apps, providing automation and security controls required by these apps. We will look into some emerging technologies inside VMware NSX-T, such as support for Kubernetes and service mesh, intrusion detection, and other innovations designed to provide the necessary control for complex and distributed cloud applications. We’ll also include demos of new networking capabilities.
  2. NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Migration: Real-World Experience [VCNC1590]
    This session will provide real-world experience of migrating micro-segmentation and software-defined networking from VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere to VMware NSX-T. With this migration, organizations will be able to leverage the latest and greatest features of NSX-T, including IPS; multi-cloud; support for containers and PKS; support for KVM; and advanced support for automation, multitenancy and disaster recovery. The real-world experience presented in this session will include methods and approaches of migrations for simple to complex environments, lessons learned, migration preparation, post-migration validation techniques, and the dry-run process. This session will also include various tools and automation techniques organizations can utilize to improve the outcome of the migration, as well as reduce outage windows.
  3. Operationalizing Advanced East-West Security at Scale in the Datacenter [VCNC2921]
    In most major cyber breaches, the real damage is done not by the initial breach, but by the lateral movement and persistence of adversaries in the network. Expecting DevOps teams to patch every vulnerability is operational unattainable. VMware is pioneering a new distributed approach to security with granular enforcement of virtual patching and blocking lateral movement of threats. The approach extends the concept of virtual patching beyond web applications to every workload in the datacenter. Further, leveraging the recently acquired NDR technology from Lastline for in-band inspection of every flow , the distributed firewall goes beyond basic access controls to deep behavioral inspection that can tell friend from foe on all E-W traffic.
  4. NSX-T Operations and Troubleshooting [VCNC1380]
    Leverage our deep experience designing, deploying and troubleshooting VMware NSX-T for new insights. In this session, we will give you an end-to-end view of troubleshooting real use cases and deployments. We will demonstrate how to use theBuild Application Migration Waves for HCX with vRealize Network Insight [HCP1685] latest Alarms and Events framework and Topology Viewer built into NSX-T, and share how you should integrate NSX-T with tools such as VMware vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Network Insight.
  5. Active-Active SDDC with NSX Advanced Load Balancer Solutions [VCNC2043]
    In this session, you will hear from network virtualization experts on how they help customers design and build an active-active software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture, using VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer and VMware NSX-T solutions to address their requirements to achieve a highly available and secure infrastructure. You will see live demonstrations, design reference architectures and design rationales in this session. You will walk away with lessons learned, best practices and pitfalls to avoid so you can design and build a successful active-active SDDC solution.
  6. How VMware IT Secured Applications Using Service-defined Firewall [ISNS1117]
    Join us for a comprehensive overview of how VMware IT deployed VMware NSX Distributed Firewall to secure production applications in both public and private clouds. We’ll review use cases for micro-segmentation deployment, design considerations and Day Two operations (operationalization, roles and responsibilities). Find out how we started using NSX Intelligence to automate micro-segmentation, and how we are using an intrusion detection system/intrusion prevention system (IDS/IPS) to secure east-west traffic. Challenges, lessons learned and your questions will also be included. We look forward to seeing you there.
  7. Build Application Migration Waves for HCX with vRealize Network Insight [HCP1685]
    In this session, we will deep dive into how to build application-aware migration waves to migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS. Learn about the better-together story of how the integration works for application discovery and migration planning between VMware HCX and VMware vRealize Network Insight, and see a demo of use cases.
  8. Solutions Keynote: Intrinsic Security, Intrinsic Advantage [IS2800]
    In this keynote, you will hear Sanjay Poonen lead a discussion about how VMware is stepping up to the security challenge. He will outline the VMware vision and strategy for security and highlight key areas of innovation including: – How we’re helping customers modernize their SOC with Carbon Black Cloud – How we’re securing the network with NSX and improved threat intelligence – And how we’re building solutions with Workspace ONE and VeloCloud to secure the remote workforce And finally, you will hear from Aparna Bawa, COO of Zoom, about why they are partnering with VMware for security. If you have any interest or involvement in security, this is the session for you!
  9. NSX-T Container Networking Deep Dive [VCNC1163]
    Join this session to learn about VMware NSX-T and VMware NSX Container Plugin—the solution behind VMware vSphere with Tanzu. It also powers other different Kubernetes solutions, including vanilla Kubernetes. We will quickly refresh the basics, and then dive deeper on how you can secure, observe and manage your microservices workload.
  10. NSX-T Network Automation: What to Do When You Have Choices [VCNC1206]
    In this session, we will present the various VMware NSX-T automation choices available from enterprise-level platforms (such as VMware vRealize Automation), open-source solutions (such as Ansible and Terraform), and popular tools (such as PowerCLI). The goal of this session is to provide a detailed view with demos into each of these tools, and to help you make an informed choice to pick the right automation solution that works for you.

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